While health is not black or white, at times it can seem mysterious and confusing.  Health is not merely our immune system or absence of disease, but our function and adaptation to stress.  Chronic disease is on the rise, and inflammation from lifestyle choices play a large role in this.

Chronic Costs

50% of adults have 1 chronic condition

86% of healthcare costs are due to chronic conditions 

Functional Medicine plays a crucial role in decreasing healthcare cost inflation and chronic dependency on the healthcare system.  Patients seeking alternative and functional approaches are often more committed to their healthcare plan.  This engagement leads to more health not just more life!


Genetics make us who we are - literally.  Genetics do more for our physical characteristics like hair color, eye color, dimples, etc.  Our genes carry biomarkers for disease - it's true.  But, our lifestyle and stress adaptation has well over 95% more to do with our picture of health than merely the presence of the biomarker on the gene. Genes do hold powerful information, but they are not a sentence for expression of disease.

Code Secrets

Our private testing center is able to non-invasively provide you answers in a very comprehensive way.  It not only gets to the cause & tests function, but it tells you what is causing inflammation & WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT!

Our bodies communicate with us constantly - headaches, digestive issues, acne, mood & behavioral issues...Your body is trying to get your attention, but the source of the problem is hidden in many layers.

What you need is the CODE!

The code simplifies finding the source of many symptomatic health concerns.  With the code in your hands, the secret is exposed and you are free to step through the layers towards sustainable health!

As a doctor, it is sometimes difficult because patients want their symptoms gone - fast.  Symptoms interrupt the patient's life.  By the time a symptom is consistent enough to no longer be ignored, a patient has often lost 60% or greater function.

Our body is designed perfectly to be well. Our body is not a machine and medicine often is mechanistic in alleviating symptoms by altering the chemistry of the body.  Vitalistic strategies recognize stress literally breaks our body's healing power. Functional strategies attempt to strengthen the body's ability to adapt to this stress.


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